Project STOP’s city partnership in Jembrana regency, located on the northwest coast of Bali, was launched in 2019 and is fully funded by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

According to recent research, Jembrana is estimated to leak approximately 13,200 tons of plastic into the environment each year, due to its population size and lack of waste management infrastructure. Jembrana’s Ijo Gading River is Bali’s largest ocean plastic contributor, accounting for 12% of the province’s total ocean plastics leakage.

The Alliance and Project STOP hope to dramatically improve waste collection in Jembrana, bring waste collection for the first time to households, create new, permanent local jobs in the waste management industry, and clean up the waste that already exists in Jembrana by 2022. This project is designed to become economically self-sufficient, where the system can be fully operated by local government and communities.

The Alliance’s three-year collaboration with Project STOP aims to create a zero-leakage plastic waste system in Jembrana, and includes:

  • Conducting diagnostic studies to understand how and why plastic waste enters the environment and designing a new, tailored system to combat it
  • Building and supplying solid waste management equipment to scale up collection and sorting efforts
  • Hiring locals at living wages and responsible working conditions to manage and staff the new waste management system
  • Partnering with community NGOs to encourage behaviour change at the community level through awareness and educational programs so more people fully utilize the waste management and recycling system that is being created to dispose of waste.
  • Cleaning up beaches and rivers in consultation with the local government.

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