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Project STOP Celebrates Major Milestones to Stop Waste Leaking to the Environment in Indonesia

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By the end of 2021, Project STOP provided waste collection to more than 260,000 people, created 226 jobs, and collected more than 20,000 tonnes of waste (around 2,350 tonnes of…

Project STOP, Government and Volunteers Join Forces to Cleanup Beaches in Jembrana

The beach cleanup activity in Jembrana took place from March 9 to April 1, 2022, with the theme: “Maintaining and Utilizing the Ocean for Life to Increase Tourism Through Clean…

Project STOP Muncar hands over the programme to the city government

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Project STOP celebrates major milestone in the new year: its first city partnership in Muncar located in the Banyuwangi regency in East Java, has achieved all financial, governance and technical…

Borealis Commits to Major Expansion of Project STOP

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In the Fight Against Ocean Plastic, Project STOP Now Reaches More Than 200,000 People

Project STOP 2020 impact

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More than 133,500 people reached with sustainable waste management services in three coastal cities

Nestle and Pasuruan Government Open New MRF Facilities

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Multistakeholder partnership to reduce marine plastic waste by 2025 . Project STOP completed Two Materials Recovery Facilities in Pasuruan

People | Nur Anik

Anik, our Community Development Officer in Muncadescribes how Project STOP works in a way that takes every part of waste management into account – from the scientific to the psychological.

Siegwerk joins Project STOP to combat plastic pollution in Indonesia

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Siegwerk joins Project STOP to combat plastic pollution

Construction Starts on Waste Processing Facility in Jembrana, Bali

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Project STOP and Alliance to End Plastic Waste Aim to Ensure 150,000 people in the Jembrana have a formal waste management system for the first time

Pengumuman Tender: Pengadaan Konveyor untuk TPST Jembrana dan Pasuruan

Project STOP - Pengumuman Tender: Pengadaan Konveyor untuk TPST di Jembrana dan Pasuruan

Leave No Trace Book Launch

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Launching on 16 June: “Leave No Trace”, features three research teams, which highlights 45  pioneering waste and recycling organisations from India, Indonesia, Brazil and Chile, to capture practical solutions for…

Pasuruan Regency Partners with Project STOP and Nestle

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Today, the regional government of Pasuruan in East Java boosted its commitment to reduce ocean plastic leakage by allocating two hectares of land for Project STOP  to establish a Material…
Bali’s Jembrana Regency

Bali’s Jembrana Regency Formally Welcomes Project STOP

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The Jembrana Regency today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to welcome to the community Project STOP, an initiative dedicated to ending ocean plastic pollution by creating sustainable circular waste…

HP Inc. joins Project STOP

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Indonesia – 14 January 2020 – HP Inc. in Indonesia today announces its partnership with Project STOP, an initiative that creates circular waste management systems to reduce ocean plastic pollution.…
Nova Chemicals

Borouge becomes a strategic partner of Project STOP

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We welcome Borouge as a new strategic partner to help us prevent ocean plastic leakage.
Project STOP

Project STOP’s new city partnership in Jembrana regency

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Alliance to End Plastic Waste Joins Project STOP to Help Tackle Plastic Waste in the Environment in Indonesia.