In March, the Project STOP team welcomed John Vidal, former veteran environment editor with The Guardian, who now contributes to the HuffPost, to Muncar to see our work in action. He met with the STOP team, visited the TPST facility (where waste is sorted and processes), and spoke to the community. John also travelled further afield to Surabaya to report on the reality of the waste challenge in Indonesia, and what is needed to effectively address it. He calls Project STOP a “long-term, profitable solutions to prevent Indonesian plastic waste getting into the sea.”

As the world struggles to cope with its garbage and plastic waste, places like Muncar, Indonesia bear the burden. The need for creating effective waste management systems is a big challenge, and can only be achieved through collaboration. In efforts to overcome this challenge, Project STOP was launched in Muncar in 2018 and works with local communities and governments to create sustainable, low-cost waste systems that capture as much value from the waste as possible.

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