Todd Becker, Vice President of Sales at NOVA Chemicals recently visited Indonesia to spend two days on-the-ground with Project STOP. Becker shared his personal perspective on plastics in our oceans and his experience in Indonesia with Flexible Packaging Magazine.

“Southeast Asia has been identified as a major source of marine plastic debris as economic development and plastics consumption have outpaced the expansion of waste management systems. Muncar was chosen as the first Project STOP location due to the seriousness of the challenge, coupled with strong leadership and environmental commitment at national, regency and local levels. The aim is to scale the program to other cities and regions.

I appreciate Project STOP’s mission to help local cities design and implement a low-cost waste management system in which all households and institutions benefit from collection. They, like all of us, are driven to keep plastics, and all trash, out of the environment. I believe the difference is that Project STOP is taking a holistic view of the problem and creating sustainable, low-cost waste systems that capture as much value as possible. The many existing local initiatives and informal waste pickers are supported and integrated into the business model.”

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